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Brasiliens centralbank (BCB)

Brazilian Central Bank is Brazil's highest monetary authority in, and the country's governing body in, finance and economics. It was established on December 31,...

13,75%  Brasilien
Bruneis centralbank (BCMB)

BCMB was established on 1st February 2004 pursuant to Section 3(1) of the Currency and Monetary Order, 2004 which was formally known as Brunei Currency Board (BCB), which...

0%  Brunei Darussalam
Bulgariens centralbank (BNB)

The Bulgarian National Bank is the central bank of the Republic of Bulgaria and one of the oldest central banks in the world, established on 25 January 1879. The BNB is...

0,01%  Bulgarien
Myanmars centralbank (CBM)

The Central Bank of Myanmar is the central bank of Myanmar (formerly Burma). It was established under the Central Bank of Myanmar Law in 1990. Its headquarters are in...

7%  Burma
Republiken Burundis bank (BRB)

The Bank of the Republic of Burundi is the central bank of Burundi. The bank was established in 1966 and its offices are in Bujumbura.

0%  Burundi
Caymanöarnas centralbank (CIMA)

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) is the primary financial services regulator of the Cayman Islands. The CIMA manages the Cayman Islands currency, regulates...

0%  Cayman Islands
Chiles centralbank

The Central Bank of Chile was created by decree law No. 486, 21 August 1925, under the government of President Arturo Alessandri Palma. This initiative arose as one of...

0,75%  Chile
Rpublikens bank

The Bank of the Republic is the central bank of the Republic of Colombia. Its main functions are detailed by the Congress according to the Ley 31 de 1992. One of them is...

4,25%  Colombia
Costa Ricas centralbank

The Central Bank of Costa Rica is in charge of establishing banking policy. It is then up to the SUGEF (the General Supervisory Agency of Finance) to enforce compliance...

0%  Costa Rica
Cyperns centralbank

The Central Bank of Cyprus was established in 1963, shortly after Cyprus gained its independence, as an autonomous institution in accordance with the Central Bank of...

0,0%  Cypern
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